We understand you might be hesitant for booking new flights, as not all travel advisories are clear for the coming weeks. Luckily, most airline are slowly return back to their normal operation. Did you know that most airlines currently offer a flexible rebook policy, if you decide to make a new booking now? This means if you still need to postpone your new travel plans, you are able to so without being charged the change fees of the airline. This way, you feel safe to book your upcoming (summer) travels!

We will offer the same conditions as the airline offer on their websites (on that date), if you book on our website. You will book at the best rates and are fully flexible in your travel plans. 

Below you will find a list of some airlines with their corresponding conditions on the flexible rebook policy. Please keep in mind these conditions might change. Therefore, always check the website of the airline, prior to making a new booking on our website:

Is your airline missing? Please go to the website of the airline and look for their flexible rebooking policies.