Low-cost airlines have their own reservation system. Therefore, we are unable to perform a change for you. You can easily change your booking directly on the website of the airline. Please be aware that the costs involved with changing your low-cost ticket are always very high and in most cases, buying a new ticket is cheaper. 

Please find the changing procedure for the biggest low-cost airlines below: 

Easyjet & Wizzair

Managing your booking is only possible with a unique e-mail address and password. These details can be received upon request with our Customer service. Simply fill in this contact form with your request and we will send you your login details and the procedure how to make a change. For checking in with these airlines, please follow the instructions in our e-mail. 


Go to Ryanair.com and select 'My Bookings' in the top banner. Next, fill out your details under 'No account? Check in here'. Please always use the booking reference and unique e-mail address (as stated in your booking confirmation). Then press 'Go'.

* Please do not fill out your personal email address as it will not work. Always fill out the unique email address we have created for you.

Click 'Manage Booking' where you will get the option to change your flight and/or your name. Follow the steps and pay the fee to Ryanair directly in order to confirm the change.

Transavia & Tui

At Transavia and Tui it is not possible to change your booking online. Carefully read the regular change instructions and fill out the form on this page. 

Other airlines

  • Flying another low-cost airline? Please visit the website of the airline and log in with the details stated in your confirmation email. Follow the steps on the website of the airline and finalize the change by paying the fees directly to the airline. Unfortunately, we are unable to help. 
  • Are you not able to finalize any changes online? Please contact the airline directly.
  • When you have performed a change with the airline directly, this change will not be visible in MijnTix. This is no problem at all as long as your change is confirmed on the website of the airline.